Concerned that you have got some flab or you are wafer thin? Or neither but still a longing to be better? Feel that you have everything you need but wish for something more profound? Believe that your performance in bed or couch or sofa or table needs to be improved? And just that none of all this yet a desire to get more knowledge and share it with as many people as possible? Welcome to the perfect spot if the answer to any one of these is Yes. We, at Health & Hale, bring to you everything you need to know about Fitness, Slaying Flab, Sex and Relationships, Yoga and Nature’s bountiful blessings.


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Mission Weight Loss: Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Are you one of those disappointed people on this Earth who find that nothing has worked in cutting down flab?  Or are you the one who just started wondering if it is possible to reduce weight at home?  And yes are you the one short on time to put in loads of efforts?  Then, my dear, … Continue reading Mission Weight Loss: Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Is it sex or love making? 

Sex is in the media nearly everywhere we look and clearly, we are all interested in it to some degree or another. But what exactly is the secret to ‘great sex’? And when does sex become “making love”? Is there a difference between sex and making love? And if so, what is it? Sex is … Continue reading Is it sex or love making? 

Nada Yoga: Hearing the Cosmic Vibrations 

​Nada yoga is an ancient Indian metaphysical system. It is equally a philosophical system, a medicine, and a form of yoga. The system’s theoretical and practical aspects are based on the premise that the entire cosmos and all that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called nada. This concept holds … Continue reading Nada Yoga: Hearing the Cosmic Vibrations 

Smoking is Injurious to Health. Period.

Smoking has been and is a major stigma in today’s world among people of all age groups. Nearly every single person is found surrounded by that air of smoke around him/her. They find themselves attracted to it because it contains nicotine, which is highly addictive.   Why do People Smoke? It is an Addiction: Nicotine is … Continue reading Smoking is Injurious to Health. Period.

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