No Secret to Success: The Mentality of Successful People

Have you ever wondered why only top 1% people of the world have more than 50% of the wealth or why only a few individuals make it to the top?

All of their achievements boil down to one thing – The Mentality that they carry with them is what makes the difference. Success is one thing, consistency in success is another. Consistency in success is the child of the mindset that is developed by an individual.

Believe me, success is NO MAGIC. It is simply a mindset but a mindset that is developed only by individuals who have a definiteness of purpose for their lives, have that desire inside them which is backed by faith and imagination when hardly anyone supports them.

See guys, nothing about success is a secret that successful ones hide from the others. Everything is just right in front of you all the time. You have the knowledge available at every time. Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone succeed? Why only a few are able to do it? Where is the problem?


1. Lack of Proper Channelling of Knowledge

Channel your knowledge to be a success
Channel your knowledge

Although most of us have knowledge but what is lacking is the proper channelling of that knowledge into well-planned action. Take a break, give time to yourself and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Foundation stones of any success lie in developing an IDEA that comes from desire and remaining focused on that desire until it becomes an obsession. Then back your desire with faith and imagination laying a definite plan to convert your thoughts of that idea into actions and congratulations you are on your journey to success!

2. Fear of Failure

Fear is a tool for success
Fear is an asset if used positively

Another major cause is the fear of failure. No one can deny the fact that everyone has fear. It is an emotion associated with us. But it depends on how we react to it. If you are constantly dreaded by the fear and you surrender to it, then sorry guys, you need to learn much more. Staying motivated and refusing to give up in the face of fear is the most difficult task to master. Wait a minute; don’t get mistaken between your ignorance to fear and fighting fear. Often it happens that people become blind to fear and then complain why then didn’t succeed. That’s because they didn’t fight to overcome that fear and refused to take any action.


3. Reaction of the Society if You Failed

Path to success is filled with the people who don't want you to succeed
Hardly anyone helps you achieve your dreams

See I tell you, seriously there is no use of thinking what others will think if you do this and don’t do that. You will end up wasting your precious time to live by the demands of someone who doesn’t give a damn about how you conduct yourself in life. The successful people’s mindset doesn’t allow them to be pressed down by voices of others opinion. On your path of success, shit is definitely going to happen and others will definitely criticise you and judge you on their own terms. You only have to decide which actual ones you need to react to. But do remember that shit happens but life goes on. And often that one temporary defeat in the path to success is mistaken for permanent failure. People will eventually forget it and then its history. After you become successful, they will be ashamed of their behaviour and will tell others “proudly” how they met you!



Rule to success: Never give up on your dreams
Never give up no matter what

Go there and you will find out that history reveals that nearly every successful person that existed or exists is because they have refused to give up their dreams to live by rules of the society and that they have succeeded in finding out their passion and then fuelling that passion with the pain that arises in following that passion ignoring of the criticisms of the society.
Find out your passion, Stay motivated and Make a difference!

Stay tuned for more articles!


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