How to do Barbell Curls the Right Way

On the very first day of gym, many people get confused as to which one to do first? Barbell curls or dumbell curls? You should first realise that if you are in the gym, you have taken the decision to build your strength. Performing barbells first instead of dumbells is advantageous. Barbells allow you to go for heavier weight which is beneficial for your goal- improving strength.

The Step by Step Guide to do Barbell Curls

1. Hold the bar with your hands with knees slightly bent. Your abs should be firmed and your lower back must be flat.

Lift barbell by bending your knees and back flat
1st step

2. Then powerfully extend your hips and begin the curl. The momentum would automatically help you get the barbell halfway up.

Begin the barbell curl by powerfully extending your hips.
2nd step

3. As the barbell begins to pass through the striking point, lean back a bit with your abs still tight and knees still bent.

4. Now straighten your trunk as you reach the top i.e till the barbells are just parallel to your shoulders.

Pull the barbell up to height of shoulder
last step

Some tips and common mistakes while doing barbell curls

1. Don’t get too much involved in momentum, make your muscles work instead. Concentrate on your muscles rather than momentum.
2. A ‘little’ momentum with the above given right technique would help you.
3. Your elbow should be close to your torso.
4. You should move only your forearms. The real strength is developed this way.

Have a healthy workout!!


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