Revealed: 5 Most Common Fitness Myths

We are surrounded by information at all times and taking into account the topic of fitness there are quite a number of fitness myths that need to tackled.
The 21st century is the information age and the person equipped with ‘right’ information and its proper channelling can well discriminate between what is right and what is wrong, what is a fact and what is a fiction and what is the truth and what is the myth!
Here are some of the common myths:

Myth- 1:

Lifting weights extremely slowly helps you build far stronger muscles

Myth-1: Slowly lifting is not going to benefit much
Slowly lifting is not going to benefit much

It is exactly the opposite. Repetitions are not to be done slowly and steadily. Faster the frequency of repetitions more will be the muscle growth as it helps in developing your muscles against resistance and eventually improves your stamina and strength.

Myth- 2:

The ideal number of repetitions is about 10

Myth-2:Nothing as ideal number of repetitions
Nothing as ideal number of repetitions

Actually, there is no such thing as an ideal number of repetitions. The number of repetitions can be varied depending upon weight, strength, endurance and experience. Eventually, more the number of repetitions for low weights or less number of repetitions for heavier weight; both will reap the same benefits!

Myth- 3:

Bodybuilding will make you less athletic

Myth-3: Bodybuilding is going to make you less athletic
Bodybuilding helps you instead

Many athletes avoid going to gym for a workout only because they believe that a few sets will increase their body fat and they won’t remain athletic. First of all, doing a few sets are never going to add fat to your body instantly. Secondly, even if a small amount of weight is gained, it is actually beneficial for you. It will make your body more stable because of higher inertia and you will be able to run in a more balanced state. Hence, small workout sessions are quite normal and actually worthy of performing.

Myth- 4:

The more you sweat during workouts, the more you lose fat

Myth-4: More sweat, more fat loss
No relation between the two

This is one of the wrong notions that people develop in their minds. Sweat has nothing to do with the intensity of workout you perform. Sweat is just the mechanism of your body to get rid of the waste and fat is lost due to its oxidation.

Myth- 5:

Flat footed people cannot run fast

Myth-5: Flat foot don't allow you to run faster
Absolute Myth!

Many athletes and Olympic gold medalist are flat footed! That’s it.


These were only a few but common myths related to physical fitness and muscle growth. Don’t always believe your gym trainer because anyone can open up a gym to earn money and he himself/herself may not know about physical fitness and right exercises according to your goals. Therefore, it’s always better to have ‘right’ prior knowledge regarding the same.
Leave behind the fitness myths and have a healthy, effective and safe workout!


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