Cardiovascular Fitness: A Basic Introduction

In this series on cardiovascular fitness, we are going to discuss about your heart’s health, tips to improve your cardiovascular fitness and eventually the do’s and don’ts for your heart! But before going to start with its fitness regime, we need to look on what actually our cardiovascular system consists of.

An Introduction:
First of all, our cardiovascular system comprises of our heart, blood vessels and of course blood. This organ, our heart, is capable of easily pumping 5 litres of blood every single minute! Secondly, the cardiovascular system is responsible for oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, waste product transport, hormone delivery and body temperature regulation to name a few.

Let us begin with functions of various parts of the cardiovascular system:

cardiovascular system: heart
It is a muscular organ located slightly towards the left side of your body. Its bottom tip is also tilted slightly towards left. Its main function is in providing a place where blood gets oxygen and releases carbon dioxide in exchange.


cardiovascular system: blood

A fluid that circulates constantly in our body comprising mainly of water, nutrients, glucose etc. and another half of blood comprises of red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets. Main functions blood are:
1. Provides nutrients to various body parts.
2. Helps in carrying hormones from endocrine glands to the target organ.
3. Helps in regulating the body temperature.

Blood Vessels:

cardiovascular system: blood vessels
These are an important part of our circulatory system. It mainly consists of arteries, veins and capillaries. Their main function is the transportation of blood to every organ and body part. While going to every tissue of the body they provide oxygen to them and remove waste products like carbon dioxide, water, salts etc. Moreover, they also carry nutrients to body parts.


Well, that’s all for this time. In the coming articles of this series, we are going to discuss the need and ways to make your heart’s health sweeter and healthier and longer.


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