Exploring Your Subconscious Mind [Part 2]

Susceptible are the memories that are given by your conscious mind whereas the perfect ones, even what happened 60 years ago with you, are revised and revealed by your subconscious to you. It consists of an infinite space and memory that can store every single incident of your life and can be retrieved by some external stimulus or hypnosis! This at any cost can’t be achieved by your conscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is always awake till our death. It doesn’t rest for a single while.

It is affected by verbal and visual repetition. “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” What your mind believes and it’s repeatedly thought of it, it tends to give that a conscious effort after a particular time and it certainly becomes a reality (if backed by faith and imagination)! No real success has ever been achieved by the lack of faith and vision of the imagination.


Let me substantiate the aforementioned points by two real life phenomenon:

Nowadays, we all encounter many advertisements here and there on the internet, TV’s, newspapers etc. and that too the same repeated ones by the companies out there. Making the public more aware of their product is a different part that they are interested in. More importantly, they want the customers to see it again and again so that by the visual and verbal repetitions, the product would get implanted in the customer’s subconscious mind. Advertisements tend to be catchy and out of the box so as to catch the attention of the subconscious mind of the customers and hence create a space for their product in their subconscious. That’s the power of the subconscious mind which the smart businessmen are using!

Subconscious Mind: Activated via Advertisements

The subconscious mind also sets up a comfort zone for you in many situations. Take for example the case of the effect of music on your subconscious mind. You may recall that when you go to a nice shop you would see that a calm and soothing music is being played. Researchers have shown that music has the power to affect a person’s mood via subconscious. The music a comfort zone for you and you end up spending more time in the shop because you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone and end up buying more things that eventually increases sales of the owner!

Subconscious Mind: Activated via Music

Hence, a realisation is the key that will curb off the negative thinking from your mind. Once you realise the power of your subconscious mind (I hope by now you have), you will stop negative thinking because somehow or the other, the ideas of security, fear and failure would develop into your subconscious mind and we can’t afford to do that repeatedly if we really want success. Mark my words as I say, “A fearful mind can never achieve outstanding feats.”

So, I hope that by far you would have realised that subconscious mind is a mind of wisdom. 95% decisions are made subconsciously by us. The conscious one may give at times foolish ideas but the more powerful subconscious one would bring out ideas from nowhere and that too very exciting and useful ones. Often, the sound of soul, as we say, refers to the subconscious decisions. The will power and creativity is controlled by the subconscious mind.

Change your thinking, change your mind, and change your life! The choice is yours to choose the right path. May the best decision be taken subconsciously 🙂


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