Bodyweight Exercises: Scaling the Body

Yes! You guessed it right. We are referring to the exercises that are performed without any external source of resistance except our own bodyweight.

The following are some of the advantages of bodyweight exercises:

  1. Nearly no equipment is required.
  2. Exercises for virtually all muscles are available.
  3. Strength, cardio fitness and flexibility all come at one place.
  4. Can be performed anywhere whether you are at a hotel, your home or your office.
  5. Regular implementation guarantees results.

Below are some of the popular and easy exercises listed based on different body parts:

  • Abdomen

  1. Crunches can be performed to strengthen your abdomen muscles. It should be performed about 3 times a week and the sets can be decided based upon your capacity.Bodyweight exercises: Crunches
  2. Sit ups can also be performed. It should also be performed about 3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: sit ups
  • Back

  1. Pull ups are quite useful if you are targeting your back and also want to build up bicep strength. You should keep your body and head straight. There are various variations of pull ups and you may try out.bodyweight exercises: pull ups
  2. Lying back presses should be performed about 2 times a week.bodyweight exercise: lying back presses
  3. Hyperextensions are pretty good for your back and also benefit your hamstrings. The frequency of these should be 1-3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: hyperextensions
  • Biceps

  1. Chin ups and pull ups are the leading exercises that can quench this requirement of strengthening your biceps. These are also helpful for your back and shoulders. These should be performed about 3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: chin ups
  • Triceps

  1. Bench dips are certainly important in this category. These are useful for increasing size of your triceps and also providing strength to it. Various variations may be tried with it. The frequencies of these also remain same as in the case of exercises for biceps. Actually, you should be performing exercises for biceps and triceps one after the other with proper resting intervals.bodyweight exercises: bench dips
  2. Push-ups (hand close) target your triceps and chest simultaneously. These should be performed even more regularly i.e. about 4-5 a week.bodyweight exercises: push ups
  • Chest

  1. Dips, push-ups and declined push ups would be helpful for this job. These help in strengthening your chest and shoulders. Doing these exercises for 2-3 times a week is nice.bodyweight exercises: dips

And the list can go on depending upon the body part and intensity. A common question may be raised that how should I find time to do these exercises. The answer is again simple, as we said before also, too busy is an excuse; what we define are priorities. And doing all the exercises at one go is not a compulsion. You can do a particular muscle a day and then the other on next day and so on. That’s why these are mentioned 2-3 days a week. Besides this, a common mistake is that you should not push yourself too aggressively to perform all the exercises. Proper rest in between is also a must. Your actual strength and body develop while you rest! You must take a day off for proper body rest. It can be any day of your choice. Be it Sunday, Monday or any other day. But fix it and follow the schedule as a ritual and wait for the miracle to happen!



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