Revealed: The 7 Common Sex Myths that All Should Know

We live in the age where information is easily accessible to all of us. Unfortunately, we are prone to the wrong information as well especially if it deals with SEX. This is one of the topics that many people don’t like to discuss in public and hence, may depend on cheap and out-dated sources, half-knowledged friends, luring websites etc. This may lead them to believe in some myths about sex and then would end up living with the wrong beliefs.

Here are revealed some of the common myths for you:

Myth #1: Pregnancy can be prevented by douching after having sex

Sex myth #1: Douching prevents pregnancy


For those of you who don’t know what douching is; it refers to washing the vagina by using vinegar mixed with water or some other products made for douching in order to make the area fresh and clean. Instead, it may lead to the opposite effect. Vagina consists of both good and bad bacteria but douching can not only kill good bacteria and can also help in breeding the bad bacteria! It can NEVER ever prevent pregnancy. However, it can certainly do one thing – add infection in vagina! So, make sure you don’t even try it.

Myth #2: If you are once cured for STDs, you will never acquire them

sex myth #2: STDs once acquired can't be acquired again


You can be treated for STDs that are acquired by bacteria. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot acquire them again. You have the same possibility to acquire it as any other normal person. So, after you are cured, you should get your partner also checked for it. Rather you should get yourself checked regularly if you have unprotected sex or have it with any new partner.

Myth #3: Condoms take out the fun from sex and are irritating

sex myth #3: condoms take out the fun


It’s exactly the opposite but only if you know what is the right size of a condom for you and how to wear it properly. A study has found that 68% of the men fail to use the right size and shape the of the condom. If used in the correct way, they can make you feel ecstasy!

Myth #4: The only thing a woman wants in the bed is the man who can bring her to orgasm

sex myth #4: women want only man that can make her reach orgasm


No, it’s not the only thing. What they crave more for is that they are more desired by the man. They want to see that the man getting turned on by of her beauty. They want to love more than sex.

Myth #5: Sex is better and more satisfying when you are young

sex myth #5: sex is more satisfying in young age


Although the energy may not remain the same but the satisfaction may actually rise up. The older ones are reported to have one of the most satisfying sex of their lives. This is because mostly at this stage, they lay more emphasis on the emotional, mental and spiritual level rather than quick orgasms! Hence, there is absolutely no need to be jealous of the young ones.

Myth #6: You can’t get pregnant if you have intercourse in water

sex myth #6: you can't get pregnant by having sex in water


There is absolutely no relation between getting pregnant and having sex in water. Water is no one to stop sperms from getting into the vagina and then fusing with the ova to produce a new life. It offers 0% protection against pregnancy.

Myth #7: Men MUST ejaculate to experience sexual pleasure

sex myth #7: men need to ejaculate in order to have sexual pleasure


Ha ha! Ha ha! Sexual pleasure has more to do with the mental state rather than the physical. If it were physical then there would have been different experiences with circumcised and uncircumcised cock! So, sexual drives don’t depend on the physical state rather it is a mental phenomenon. Hence, you can derive pleasure even without ejaculating.

Keep your mind open. Don’t believe in myths and also don’t let others believe in them also.



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