The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

You will agree with the fact that anxiety and depression are advancing day to day and new victims are born every while. In a more technical term, they refer to a disorder (particularly of the brain) wherein a person is characterised by relentless loss of interest or sadness, affecting both the personal and professional life.

Some statistics:

According to NIMH, anxiety disorders has affected 40 million adults (aged 18+) in the United States, hence becoming the most common mental illness there.

According to ADAA, anxiety disorders cost the US more than $42 billion a year.

Surprisingly, according to, 80% of the individuals affected by depression do not receive any treatment!

anxiety and depression statistics


With these statistics set as motivation to dive into the problem, we now see how to actually figure out that if you are suffering from anxiety and depression:

Some common signs to look for:

Signs and symptoms are based on various areas. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Related to Behaviour

The person gets irritated easily and wants to remain isolated. He/she cries in excess at one time and at the other moment, they are aggressive and agitated. They tend to lose self-esteem.


  • Related to Sleep

The person either sleeps too much or too less. They experience a tense and restless sleep. All this surely leads to insomnia


  • Related to Mood

Signs based on mood are most commonly identified. The person experiences mood swings. They feel anxious, guilty, sad, aggressive etc. all just in a short span of time. They give up hopes easily because of loss of interest and pleasure in various activities.


  • Related to Body

They are either excessively hungry or have a loss of appetite. They get tired easily of any work they do or at times push themselves for work unnecessarily.


  • Related to Mind

They generally have a lack of concentration while doing work and give up easily. They are very slow while doing a task. Moreover, thoughts of suicide also arise.


  • Other ones

They may experience either sudden weight gain or weight loss. They repeatedly go over their thoughts unnecessarily. The silence of someone may be another word for their pain!

You must ponder over these and try to figure out if someone is actually suffering from depression. You should not base your decision on one day experience with a person. These signs are developed over a period of time and not in a day.

In the next article on depression, we are going to see how to tackle this terrible problem.


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