9 Step Guide to Overcome Depression through Sex

​As pure cosmic energy, sex is a physical act that provides a direct connection to the divine. I think we’ve been going about it the wrong way for a very long time.

We’ve been expecting way too little of sex for a very long time. It’s a massively powerful energy. And it has more potential than we realize to be a force for the amazing in our lives.

If performed as a sacred gesture to the Divine, sex can transform those involved phenomenally and help them get out of depression, stress or anxiety. 


1. Recognize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience — that you were created from a divine blueprint.

2. Accept that if you are a divine expression of this force, your partner is too.
(Yes, that person who annoys you and challenges you to no end.) Expand your understanding and surrender all judgment of the person God has provided as your soul mate.

3. Decide to see your partner as divine.
Embrace the act of sex as worship of your partner and a sacred representation of the divine — no matter how different you imagine these things to be. You get out of it what you put into it. Exercise your devotion muscle. Fake it till you make it.
By holding this highest vision for your partner, you will be loving them into their best expression of their divine design. This is truly divine principle in action. Yes, you are a healer now.

4. Create the environment in which sex can blossom.
Engage the senses. Find a soft, beautiful blanket that is only for union with your beloved. Sprinkle rose petals around the space. Light candles and play music. I recommend getting a drone sound from an app for a neutral backdrop that encourages healing and a spiritual vibe.

5. Prepare your body.
Shower or bathe — cleanliness is essential to meet the divine.
Adorn your body with oils, style your hair, wear makeup that makes you feel your best, and even put on jewelry if it makes you feel more spiritually centered. Wear a piece of clothing sacred to this space, this act — a robe, a slip, or something else you feel prepares your body and spirit to meet.

6. When you are both ready, enter into the circle of rose petals.
Join your third eyes together, breathing for six inhales and six exhales.

7. Take turns anointing each other with essential oil of sandalwood and rose.
Place the oil on each other’s crown, third eye, heart space, and genitals.

8. Now, open yourself up to exploring sexual intimacy however you feel moved to do so.
Let every session be unique and distinct unto itself. Practice looking into each other’s eyes. Stay in the feeling of each moment. Drop into the visceral feeling of this experience.

9. When you climax, practice drawing that energy into your heart.
Feel the orgasm release (evolution) and simultaneously draw that bliss into your heart (involution).

Making love in this manner can provide you with immense bliss and a sense of deep freedom. It can surely help pull down depression and wipe it off completely in the long run. 


6 thoughts on “9 Step Guide to Overcome Depression through Sex

  1. I do not believe in using sex to feel better. Happiness comes from inside. You must not rely on others for it. Sex can also make you feel worse especially if with the wrong partner.

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    1. Absolutely Shian… You got it… Actually it’s about being that and then following it with doing… You have to be happy then you may make love so that you have of more joy and bliss… Be. Do. Have… Yet sometimes, one can be so constrained that their thoughts continuously bring the experience of anxiety and depression… Thus, it can be helpful to move from thought sponsored action to action sponsored thought… Make love so that you become blissful and on having joy, you start to choose more of joy, more of being happy and the cycle goes on.


    1. First don’t need anything. Just be whatever you choose.
      Next, according to us, sex is simply a great act. No other act, mind you no other act, you can experience love of Self, love of Other and love for life. For all its mystery, the act of sex is simply awesome.
      Our idea of sex is not what you see in Pornography. For us, sex is a union of souls and in this union, a communion with God.
      In our previous comment, we have talked about action sponsored thoughts. If you choose then be sad during sex and yet follow our 9 steps. The very act that is the source of all life holds the potential to ignite the fire of love for life. Once this fire is ignited, depression will definitely turn to ashes.


  2. It’s a nice Hollywood version of sex you speak of. But people have kids, work.You need something you can practice everyday “Sex bliss” is unsustainable and short lived. I do not want my bliss to depend on when my partner is in the mood. Sex is a distraction not a lasting method to overcome anything. People have these annoying things called feelings and once that gets involved then you could be opening up a whole new batch of depression


  3. See Shian, there are a lot of people that are under depression. Agree? So, that means they don’t feel the feeling called happiness inside them. And as you first pointed out that happiness is something that you can find inside you, so by the act of spiritual and bliss sex (not compulsory each and every day of your life), your body releases a number of hormones and one of them is feel good hormone which makes your mood elated. Hence, if they are feeling good by this act then what harm is there in having sex.
    Moreover, we have never said that sex is the permanent solution to this problem. A solution can be of 2 types: long term and short term. If sex is a short term solution, then it still remains a solution!
    If there were a permanent solution for depression, then it would have been made available to the public. But so far till, we haven’t found any permanent solution. So, we think that it is better to go for ONE OF THE SHORT TERM solutions for depression instead of living in depression.


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