5 Most Effective Ways to Combat Depression and Anxiety

Way back in our previous article on depression, we looked at some of the signs and symptoms to identify if someone is a victim or not. Today, let us just perish our anxieties and stresses into ashes.




Take a closer look at your mind

Overcome Depression: Look Into Your Mind

The most important thing is that you should realise is that depression is nothing more than a mind game!

Understand, reason and challenge! Try to figure out if you are really in depression. Most of the times just because of an incident of our life, we make our mind believe that we are in stress.

And mind you, our subconscious mind is not consciously intelligent. It takes as it is what you supply to it. So, if you believe that you are in depression, then you ARE in depression. And if you refuse your mind that you are not, then you ARE NOT!

You should challenge your mind. And the moment you dare to challenge your mind, challenge your soul and challenge yourself, and then you already have developed the confidence back again to face any anxiety or fear. You have created the power and refused to settle because of your problems. If you can challenge yourself then you can challenge anyone and any problem!

And honestly speaking, if you have got this now then there is absolutely no need to read anything further.


Be Ambitious, set achievable goals and conquer them:

Overcome Depression: Set Goals

Depression can make you feel that you cannot accomplish anything. This can leave you even sadder. You need to bounce back at your life in order to feel confident. The level of confidence that you develop after achieving a feat would make you happier. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction by achieving your goals cannot be matched by any other source.


Get adequate sleep

Overcome Depression: Get Adequate Sleep

Too much or too less sleep is dangerous to health. It can also lead to depression. Your normal body functioning changes and your muscles may not get enough rest to cope up with the next day activities. Prevention is always better than cure. Try to sleep at least 6 hours and at max 9 hours.


Daily fitness regime

Overcome Depression: Set Fitness Regime

Get off the couch! Say NO to it. You should make it a habit of engaging in some sort of physical exercises everyday. Even if you don’t find time for exercises, then at least do some walking. Something is better than nothing. It boosts the release of endorphins in the body that make you feel good. You will begin to see a level of new confidence once you regularly engage in exercises.


Get Social: Stay engaged with loved your ones

Overcome Depression: Get Social

A common thing in depression is that a person wants to stay away from others and live in solitude. This is exactly which you should not be doing. This would fill your mind with unwanted talks and you will lose your confidence faster! You will begin to lose hope from the world, the humanity.

The best thing is that you should seek to engage with your loved ones. Your loved ones are the ones that care about you. They can understand you more easily and can help you feel better. This would make you feel elated and more confident.

However, getting social doesn’t mean that you should spend time on social media. You should meet in person. No social media can replace the real person-to-person meeting.


Final Word

We hope that you have learnt something about how to combat depression and anxiety. There is nothing further on this except a small request:

Don’t just read these points, implement them as well. You will surely begin to notice changes. And if any other individual is in depression, do suggest them the above points.

Let us all be united to fight depression. United we stand, divided we fall.


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