Condoms Explained: What, Why and How?

From time and now, most of us have heard the word “condom”. Many of us have seen them, used them or found lying on roads. But being a small child when we didn’t know what they actually are. Hence, we developed some wrong notions about them or tried to explore them on our own. We may have now gathered much knowledge regarding them but maybe not everything. This post is mainly for those who don’t know much about condoms and choose to explore more.


What is a condom?

Condoms are a form of a barrier method of contraception. This means that it acts as a barrier between sperms and female egg and doesn’t allow them to fuse.

There are two kinds of condoms:

  1. Male Condoms: Male condomIt is a thin sheath, usually made of latex (a type of rubber) or lambskin, which is worn by a man over his penis. When we say the word “condom”, it generally refers to this one.


  1. Female Condoms:Female condom It is also thin sheath, but is made of polyurethane and has flexible rings at its two ends. One end is closed and the other is left open. This is inserted in the vagina.

Male ones are used more frequently used than females ones.


Why condoms are made?

The primary uses are:

  1. Birth Control: The world population is exploding and spreading like wildfire. But the land is limited and so are the resources available for use. Hence, to prevent pregnancy they were invented. If someone doesn’t want to have kids but wants to have sex, he/she may use them as a means to prevent childbirth. They can be used with other forms of contraception for added protection.


  1. Protection from STDs: Nowadays, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are growing very fast. Some of these are AIDS, syphilis, genital warts, gonorrhoea, genital herpes etc. Condoms act as a barrier to prevent the bacteria and other microbes from getting exchanged from one body to another. Hence, prevents infection.


How to wear a condom:

  1. For males:How to wear a male condom


  1. For females:

How to wear a female condom


Some general precautions while using a condom:

  1. Once used, it cannot be and should not be used again.
  2. A used condom should not be thrown in a toilet or anywhere down the road. It should be thrown properly at the garbage bins.
  3. You should have at least two condoms with you while going for sex because if one breaks then you have the other one to use.
  4. You should never wear two at a time. The level of protection is same with a single one.
  5. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Hope you would have got some idea about these. For any further doubts or suggestion, please comment below.


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