What are Some of the Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are the injuries that happen either while playing or by exercising. It is quite common to encounter one. If you are engaged in a particular physical game, you are bound to get injuries. There has never been a sports person who has escaped it in his/her lifetime, either while practising or in the competition. While, we cannot avoid it completely, but with improved knowledge over this subject and technological advancements, we can surely minimise it.

Getting an injury can have serious effects on your body and your mentality also. You can be badly hurt or even to the extent that you cannot play anymore! And as we have been saying that your greatest wealth is nothing but your health, hence, knowing about these is a must for everyone.


Why do we get injured?

Why do we get injured: Sports Injuries

There are many reasons for getting injured. Some of the common ones are listed below:

  • Some occur by chance or by accident while exercising or playing.
  • Avoiding warm up and cooling down, before and after practice respectively.
  • Poor training or improper sports gears.
  • Over-exercising or pushing yourself too hard to perform something


Some of the most common sports injuries:

  1. Ankle Sprain:Ankle Sprain

It occurs when your foot bends inwards greater than its sustainable limit. This happens mainly because of rapid movement of with your foot or because of your carelessness. It results in swelling and pain around your ankle. Your ankle may become stiff. These are common in games like hockey, football, athletics etc.


  1. Hamstring Pull:Hamstring Pull: Sports Injuries

This is characterised by a pain in your thigh muscles mainly on the back of thighs. It results when one of the three muscles gets pulled, stretched or is torn. It may weaken your legs and it makes take too much time to recover.


  1. Fractures:Fractures: Sports Injuries

There are many different types of fractures depending upon its intensity and location in the body. It occurs mainly because of carelessness or due to immediate hard blow or impact on one of your bones. It is often recognised by pain, swelling and it makes it very difficult for the person to move the affected area. In the case of an open fracture, bleeding may occur.


  1. Groin Pull:Groin Pull: Sports Injuries

It is characterised by pulling or tearing up of your muscles that help you to hold together your legs. A groin pull would make it difficult for you to bring together your legs and it also causes pain in the affected area. It happens usually in games like football, hockey, basketball, rugby, sprinting etc.

  1. Muscle Cramps:Muscle Cramps: Sports Injuries

This occurs when your muscles fail to relax and remain contracted. It is followed by immediate pain. It commonly occurs in the calf, hamstring and abdominal tissues. Dehydration is one of the reasons for the occurrence of muscle cramps. It can be identified by immediate and sudden pain in the muscles.


Here we have discussed some of the most common sports injuries, their definitions, causes and symptoms. In the next article on sports injuries, we will cover the recovery part and how to cure them.


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