Is it sex or love making? 

Sex is in the media nearly everywhere we look and clearly, we are all interested in it to some degree or another. But what exactly is the secret to ‘great sex’? And when does sex become “making love”? Is there a difference between sex and making love? And if so, what is it?

  1. Sex is well – sexy, and can be fast, hard but also slower, and is often objectifying.
  2. Making love is slower and gentle, only happens between two people that are in love, have mutual respect, and consider the feelings and pleasure of the sexual partner.

The first does not require you to love or even like the person you are having sex with – it is more about your ‘getting off’ rather than pleasing your sexual partner.

Is it possible that the difference between sex and making love is that sex finishes once the physical act is over, whereas lovemaking continues to be an expression that can be carried over into many (or all) interactions between a loving couple?

You can have sex without making love so can you simply make love without having sex?

Such as …

  • Making your lover a cup of tea
  • Brushing up against them in the kitchen when cooking together
  • Stealing a passionate kiss
  • Sharing a look across the dinner table
  • Going for a walk together for the joy of it

Are these all not forms of building love, or perhaps even making love? Is it possible that the making love in the sexual sense is merely another expression and confirmation of the true love shared between committed adults when born from a foundation of ‘lovemaking’ in everyday life?

If foreplay is attributed to potentially enhancing sex, is it possible that loving expressions towards your partner are like divine foreplay, forever building towards amazing lovemaking sessions? That sounds dangerously orgasmic and maybe idealistic, but surely worth some further investigation?

Making love is an extension of how you are living with yourself and how that equal union is lived with your partner. Therefore, making love is always an act that confirms the love you already have as opposed to having sex which in truth is an act that seeks love. 

Smoking is Injurious to Health

Smoking is Injurious to Health. Period.

Smoking has been and is a major stigma in today’s world among people of all age groups. Nearly every single person is found surrounded by that air of smoke around him/her. They find themselves attracted to it because it contains nicotine, which is highly addictive.


Why do People Smoke?

  • It is an Addiction:

    Smoking is an addiction

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Some doctors claim it’s more addictive than heroin and cocaine! Not only does it stimulate the brain, but it enters the bloodstream and calms the nerves. It keeps smokers coming back for more.

After smoking for years, the body gets used to the nicotine that flows through the blood. So, people tend to feel the urge for a cigarette that is a source of nicotine which can be provided to the body.


  • Social Integration:

    Smoking as a means of social integration

It is a social habit. When others around you are smoking, you practically feel like you should be doing the same. In a way, it’s a bonding activity that makes it easier to talk with others who are smoking. Many people consider themselves “social smokers”, but over time they will begin to smoke cigarettes outside of social events.


  • Experimentation:

As teens, the spirit of adventure and experiments flow deeply especially when something is forbidden. They would love to dare the consequences and feel good with it especially when not caught in the act. This relates to cigarettes too. Usually, parents do not allow their teens to smoke. Therefore, this becomes very attractive. It is exciting to get cigarettes and sneak away to smoke without being caught.


  • To Look Cool:

    Smoking to Look Cool

If their friends or peers smoke, they may feel pressured into doing the same to be accepted. Most of the teenagers think that smoking is ‘cool’ and a fun thing to do. One more reason to it is that if they have been in an environment where smokers have been there, for instance, their parents, they tend to get curious about that. As they grow up and become independent, they try smoking, which eventually leads to addiction.


  • To Feel Relaxed and Stress Buster:

    Smoking to Relax

This happens to mostly adults. They may have a lot of stress and pressures because of economic and personal problems. All these people may smoke to feel relaxed or to give them energy while going through a hard time.

Most of the working people smoke as they think that a puff of nicotine reduces their stress levels and makes them feel relieved. This happens as cigarettes create conditions that help the body to deal with anxiety, depression or stress.


  • They Love It:

    Love for Smoking

Finally, there are people who say they love to smoke. This act gives them pleasure. It just makes them feel good. It makes them feel someone else.


Why Not to Smoke?

We, at Health and Hale, believe that Health is Wealth. Smoking is an act that worsens our health. Various effects are as mentioned:

  • Causes Cancer:

    Smoking causes cancer

Experts agree that tobacco is the single biggest avoidable cause of cancer in the world. But cigarettes causes almost over a quarter (28 percent) of cancer deaths in the UK and nearly one in five cancer cases. And smoking doesn’t only cause cancer. It also causes tens of thousands of deaths each year in the UK from other conditions, including heart and lung problems.


  • Makes Victim of Various Diseases:

    Smoking makes you victim of Death

Cigarettes can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer.

Every day one thousand Americans quit smoking- By DYING!!


  • Reduces Brain Capacity:

    Smoking reduces brain capacity

Smoking affects the nervous system and reduces the neuron’s capacity of carrying information. It also slows down our reflexes and makes us lazy.


  • Effects Respiratory System:

    Smoking Affects Lungs

When you inhale smoke, you’re taking in substances that can damage your lungs. Over time, your lungs lose their ability to filter harmful chemicals. Coughing can’t clear out the toxins sufficiently, so these toxins get trapped in the lungs. Smokers have a higher risk of respiratory infections, colds, and flu.


  • Oral and Digestive Problem:

    Smoking affects digestive system

Tobacco use can cause gum inflammation (Gingivitis) or infection (Periodontitis). These problems can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, and bad breath. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, and oesophagus. Smokers have higher rates of kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer. Even cigar smokers who don’t inhale are at increased risk of mouth cancer.


  • Sexual and Reproductive Problems:

    Smoking affects Reproductive System

Restricted blood flow can affect a man’s ability to get an erection. Both men and women who smoke may have difficulty achieving orgasm and are at higher risk of infertility. Women who smoke may experience menopause at an earlier age than non-smoking women. Smoking increases a woman’s risk of cervical cancer. Smokers experience more complications of pregnancy, including miscarriage, problems with the placenta, and premature delivery.


Then How Can I Stop It?


  1. The Motivation Can Help You:


  • Quitting by age 40 and preferably earlier, avoids nearly all the risks.
  • After quitting within 12 hours carbon dioxide levels decrease and oxygen levels increase.
  • Within 3 months, heart attack risk drops and lung functions improve.
  • Within 1 year, the risk of sudden heart attack is cut in half and within 5 years risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus and bladder is halved.

These statistics can be your motivation to quit smoking today!



Details of the same are as followed:

  • DELAY: An urge to smoke lasts less than five minutes. Every time you feel an urge, find something else to do (preferably something you enjoy), and your urges will come less frequently. This is how you will succeed in deprogramming yourself.
  • AVOID: The idea is to avoid as much as you can. Keep yourself busy in other things and say “NO” if someone offers you a cigarette. Have faith in your will power and in your decision to avoid. Avoid negative thoughts and see your goals.
  • REPLACE: Replace your cigarette packets with something else. Something else that you are fond of (say, chewing gum). Look for other activity that gives you pleasure (Don’t mistake pleasure for happiness). Reward yourself on not smoking a cigarette for a period of time and at last, extend this period for infinite time.


  1. Life’s Vibrant Hues are Way Too Beautiful and Precious to be Distorted by the SMOKE of CIGARETTES!


Ultimately, the choice resides with you. You have to push yourself as no one else will do it for you. Your life is your own responsibility.

We strongly believe that we should Make Choices and Not Wishes!



 Smoking Conclusion

One important thing that we can conclude here is that Cigarettes are Killers that Travels in Packets. Smoking is like paying someone to kill you; they’re rich whereas you’re dead! Tobacco companies kill their best customers. Promise yourself not to be one.


Quit Smoking, not Life!

4 Ways: How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

4 Ways: How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

At times we are quite confident of ourselves and at some other point; situations arise that make us feel depressed. This gives us a conclusion that confidence is a mindset. It requires constant nurturing and practice to master.


Yeah, so basically the greatest loss is the loss of self-confidence.

Right below we are sharing some of the tips to enhance your confidence. It may be difficult to implement them at first. You need to fake these at first in order to look confident. But gradually you will see a change in yourself!

Ways to enhance your self-confidence:

  1. Change your body language

    Boost Your Confidence: Body Language

A good body language is always admired. It speaks a lot about you. Some of the elements of a nice body language are:


  • Posture: Your pulled up shoulders, your erect standing style, your tough yet calm body is bound to make an impact on the other person. This will make you a lot more confident.


  • Eye Contact: The ability to talk to a person by making contact in their eyes is a symbol of confidence. It also makes you more comfortable while talking.


  • Smile: Man is a social animal and a smile can make him feel more comfortable in your company. It adds to the positive feeling and also gives you a moment to smile (when you haven’t smiled for a long time, it is very bad)!


  • Speak Slowly: Easier said than done! It may seem that you have to only speak slowly and it’s done. But many of us seem so busy that we speak in a hurry and it also gives an impression that we are not confident.

Speaking slowly makes you feel more confident and gives you more time to explain yourself to the other person and also allows you to be a good listener. But make sure that you don’t go to an extreme direction while going for a slow talk.


  1. Think positively and perish negative thoughts

    Boost Your Confidence: Think Positive

We are what we think and we carry forward this thinking. Our behaviours define what we actually think and believe. So, it is quite necessary that you should not negative thinking to develop and make you do negative things. You should replace your thoughts with positive ones.

But how should I do that?

Remember, the subconscious mind?

The change will begin here. Our subconscious mind is the one that drives our emotional thinking. And it is not conscious, which means that we can actually condition our mind. By verbal repetitions like “It’s OK”, “It would be over soon”, “Does it actually matters?”, “I am better than I think” etc.

These would change your thinking process (gradually) and you will begin to see positive change in your life. You will become more confident and would also make others around feel confident!


  1. Set small and achievable goals and conquer them

    Boost Your Confidence: Set Small Goals and then go for big ones

A common mistake that we do today is that we seek for the sky in one jump and then when we don’t achieve it we become discouraged, discomforted and demoralised.

But we must realise that we should first set small goals, then achieve them. It will give you the confidence to go for another one. Then you can gradually increase your level of achievable goals and chances are that you will surely be able to achieve them.

And this would eventually help you feel more confident!


  1. Increase your knowledge and wisdom

    Boost Your Confidence: Increase Wisdom and Knowldege

If you know a great detail about what you are talking then you will feel more confident yet calmer and mature also. This is shown in the graph above. The misinformed or less knowledgeable persons tend to be highly confident and end up making a mockery of them.

You should first be well aware and then you should speak and test where you lie in the graph. It will make you realise where you stand and what else you need to do and know.



Boost Your Confidence

These 4 points have covered a major portion on increasing your confidence. Clearly, these are just pieces of writings if not applied in your life and hopefully, will become words of wisdom if applied and appreciated in your daily life.

Have wisdom, be confident and live life to its fullest. 

Exploring Subconscious Mind

Exploring Your Subconscious Mind [Part 3]

You should be careful of our thought process and the messages that you convey to your subconscious mind. It is YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS that create your own misery or happiness through the messages you send to your subconscious mind. Your own thoughts define you.

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve.”-Napoleon Hill.

Whatever you see, do, feel, think or believe; all are sent to your subconscious mind. All of us have heard that in our whole lifetime we use only 10% of our brain! What if we increase this?

We use only 10% of our brain

That is where your subconscious mind will come into the picture and would make you a person that you want to be. It would create what you feed into it. And the only thing to learn is how to use your subconscious mind to make it do anything for you. If you lack this ability to utilise your subconscious mind then you would end up spending up the whole of your life with the same desires and yearnings embedded in your heart that would never be fulfilled.

You can’t control your negative thoughts. What you can control is your reaction to them. If you are affirmative in your thoughts and don’t let negativity discourage you, then your subconscious mind would help you in ways that you can’t possibly imagine!

Now, the much-awaited question: How exactly to make your subconscious work for you?

First of all, define exactly what you intend to desire.

Say, you should not say that you want a lot of money. That’s absolute rubbish. Fix a defined quantity of bucks that you intend to earn before a particular deadline set by you (However, remember that your goals should be realistic and that sky is the limit).

Now that you have defined your desires, have that faith in you that you will achieve your desires. The subconscious works when repetitive verbal statements are given to it and repetitive thought are polished. Hence, say out aloud twice each and every single day that “I, [your full name], will achieve [your desire] before [your defined deadline].” Never ever doubt what you are saying and stay positive. Feel and believe that you have already possessed your desire and live by that belief.

And leave the rest of the things to your subconscious mind. As a result, it will give you the best idea suited to achieve your desire and would enable you to lay a well-defined path to achieve it. This power of subconscious mind is also called imagination!

And the rest is history! Yes, it’s that simple!

(This may seem simple by reading but let us see if it still seem simple if you pay a little more attention to the bolded words of this articles. Period)



The Habits of Successful People

Revealed: The Habits of Successful People

“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then is not an act, but a habit.”-Aristotle. The first and foremost thing is that if you want to be successful, you should start reading. It is the most common characteristics that they embed in themselves. Reading makes you aware of different kinds of knowledge and you may find a completely different kind of world. The successful people don’t become successful because of their luck but because of their constant effort to achieve their dreams. They don’t give up for the comfort of others.

“Never give up on a dream just because it is going to take time. The time would eventually pass anyway.”

They make sure that they choose what they wanted to do in their life and that they should not settle down below their means and capabilities. They have recognised the fact that living with dreams and also dying with dreams unfulfilled would never make them live satisfactorily. They die with memories not dreams.

Successful Habit: Die with Dreams Not Memories

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”- Chanakya

Another common characteristic of successful people is that they wake up early. The motivation for success is enough for them to part with their bed. Waking up early makes you fresh, active and agile.

The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person lies in what they do in their spare time. Successful people know the value of time. They can’t afford to lose it. They don’t spend their time, they invest it.

Successful Habit: Invest Your Time Wisely

They work even when they don’t feel like doing. If you push yourself to do a job for about 10 minutes, it’s quite likely that you would end up continuing with your job and completing it.

DONATE! Successful people know that what they give returns manifold. It is not only about donating money. You can share your time, your intelligence and your wisdom. Even a small help is appreciable.

People are not born successful they make themselves successful with whatever they know, whatever they have and whatever they are capable. But even knowing what you have and what you are capable of is also something that is not an easy task.

“Inches make champions.”-Vince Lombardi

The unsuccessful person is the one who quit when he was close enough to success and doesn’t realise it.

They know who they are! Just answer a simple question. Who are you?

Successful Habit: Knowing Yourself

Note: I have not asked your name, neither your profession nor your gender or relation with anything. I have just asked you who are you? (Believe me, it’s not that simple to answer!)

Sitting Yogic Postures 


Sukhasana or the easy sitting pose is one of the simplest poses for meditation suited for all beginners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit work ‘Sukham’ which can mean ‘comfort’, ‘easy’, ‘joyful’, ‘pleasure’, etc. Sukhasana can be done by all age groups.
Sukhasana is the most suited sitting posture for beginners. It is good for the practice of meditation and pranayama. Those who have tight hips, cannot sit in advanced postures like Padmasana. For them, Sukhasana is the easiest alternative.

Once you are comfortable with Sukhasana, you should move on to more advanced sitting postures like Ardha Padmasana, Padmasana or Sidhasana for meditation.
1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out. Always use a yoga mat or a cushion or a carpet while sitting on the floor.
2. Fold the left leg and tug it inside the right thigh.Then fold the right leg and tug in inside the left thigh.Keep the hands on the knees.
3. Sit erect with spine straight.Relax your whole body and breathe normally.
4. Maintain this position for as long a comfortable.

The meaning of ‘Padma’ is the lotus. While sitting in this posture, the human body looks like a lotus. Thus it is named Padmasana
Padmasana is basic posture for many yogic acts. If you want to do chanting for longer hours it is convenient to sit in this pose. Sitting in this posture makes the energy of human body taking its natural shape. It helps in healing several disorders in our body.
All the yogis and their pupils prefer to be in this posture while doing the various breathing exercises.
1. You just sit on the floor or on yoga net, spreading your legs in forward position.
2. Arrange your left foot on the right thigh and the right on your left thigh.
3. Keep the upper half of body straight and put left hand on left knee and right on the right knee. The palms should be facing upward.

Thunderbolt pose or Vajrasana is a modified way of sitting. One would not get tired for hours if he or she sits in this manner. It would keep the whole weight of the body on legs and in a balanced manner. The spine would remain straight automatically due to the pose.
Vajrasana helps the digestion process and assists in eliminating the gastric troubles. Those who have suffered from the pain in the knee would be benefited by doing this posture.
One who practices this yogic posture regularly does not suffer from fever, constipation, indigestion and other minor or major ailments. Your mind would also get stabilized in this posture. It is very useful while doing meditation, as it helps you becoming concentrated and focussed.
1. First of all, sit on the floor by extending your legs forward and putting the palms resting.
2. Then bend your one leg from the knee and put it just below the buttock. Repeat the same act for another leg, in a way that the things rest on the legs and the buttocks on the heels.
3. Keep the breathing at normal speed. Even if you do not try keeping the breath normal, it will catch its normal speed naturally!
4. Put both the hands resting on thighs and sit erect. You might feel some pain in ankles, knees or toes; but gradually it will be set right.
Regular practice of these postures will make you  Harmonious and Healthy.

Cleansing Your Elements : Bhuta Shuddhi

Before you attempt anything that is considered as a mystical process, it is very important to stabilize the five fundamental elements within you.  The body, the very earth, the universe, and the cosmos, all are just a play of five elements. The body’s composition is such that most of it is water. Then there is earth, air, fire, and the rest is akash or etheric space.

How these five elements behave within you determines just about everything. Bhuta means element, bhuta shuddhi means to become free from the taint of elements or to cleanse the elements. It means to become free from the physical nature. Most human beings are completely in the grip of their physiological and psychological processes. Our physiology is something that we have accumulated. Likewise, the whole content of our psychological process has been accumulated in the form of impressions.
Between these two processes, who you are existentially, the nature of your being, is completely missed. If you want to access dimensions that are not yet in your experience, dimensions that are considered mystical, the first thing that you need to do is to start cleansing the five elements within you. When the elements are pure, you distinctly know the difference between what is physical, what is psychological, and what is existential.
Tips to Cleanse the Five Elements
Among the five elements, water has the greatest significance because a major percentage of the body is water. You need to take sufficient care of the water that you consume – not just in terms of its physical purity, it being bacteria-free and so on, but in terms of how you keep the water and how you approach it. There is substantial scientific evidence today that a thought, an emotion, a touch can change the molecular structure of water and greatly alter the way water behaves within your system.
Water has a great sense of memory. Everything that happens around a body of water is in some way stored in the water molecules. You could call it a fluid computer. You are not dealing with a commodity – you are dealing with life-making material. Water is life. It is important how you treat it before it enters your system.
You can keep the water in a metal container, preferably made of copper or an alloy of copper, wash the container every day with an organic substance, and keep the water in a place where it is not touched by other smells and substances – there is sufficient space around it. If you do this, and you approach it by holding the vessel in your hands with a sense of gratitude and reverence because it is life-making material, and then consume it, you will see it will do wonders within your system. Healthfulness and equanimity will be a natural consequence.
The earth that you walk upon has a sense of intelligence and memory. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, it is important to keep in touch with the earth upon which you live. Create ways for yourself to somehow remain in touch with it. If your bare hands and bare feet – particularly the palms and soles – come in touch with the earth on a daily basis, it will harmonize the physiological process in your system.
Try to spend at least a few minutes in the garden, barefooted, touching plants or trees, because the earth is the basis of life. All life – yours and that of every other creature – has come from this earth. Stay in touch with it and harmonize your system.
Though air represents only a small percentage of your body’s elemental composition, it is the most dynamic element in terms of the transaction that happens on a minute-to-minute basis. It is well-known that what kind of air you breathe is important, but how you breathe and how consciously you do so is equally important.
If you are in pure air, it is important to bring the breath to a dynamic state with some activity.
Especially for those of you who live in large cities, it may not always be in your hands what kind of air you breathe, so it is good that at least for a few minutes every day, you take a walk in the park, along the lake or the river, whatever is available to you. If you have children, it is important that at least once a month, you take them out far enough from the city, where nature is in a reasonably pure state, and they can climb a small hill, walk in a forest, or swim in a river, to be in touch with nature and do something where the breath is dynamic.
This is not just for aerobic exercise but because there is a constant exchange of air from within and without. The very intelligence in the body will make sure that when it senses the air is pure and alive, the way the body breathes will be different. With this exchange of air, cleansing will happen within the system. If you are in pure air, it is important to bring the breath to a dynamic state with some activity. You do not have to do too vigorous an activity – just enough to breathe slightly deeper than normal for a period of time. Especially for growing children, this is very important because it greatly enhances the body’s integrity and strength.
Fire accounts for another part of your elemental makeup. What kind of fire burns within you? Is it the fire of greed, hatred, anger, resentment, lust, love, or compassion? If you cleanse the element of fire, once again your physical and mental wellbeing will be well-taken care of. You become an equanimous and exuberant being. A simple process you can do to cleanse the fire within you is get some sunlight every day. Though we have contaminated every other element, fortunately, sunlight cannot be contaminated – it has remained pure. Make best use of that.
If you wish to, you can light a fire with an organic substance like straw or firewood, without any oil, and stand facing the fire with open hands and open eyes for three minutes. Then stand with your back to it, exposing your spine for three minutes. This  exercise cleanses your aura and brings about a new sense of resurgence in the system. It rekindles and reconnects the fire within with the fire outside. This is the basis of all fire-based rituals of the East.
If having a fire is not practical for you, at least light a lamp with vegetable oil and be around this lamp. First, sit facing the lamp, then turn around and sit so that the fire element within you gets rekindled.
The fifth and most expansive dimension of the elemental composition is akash or etheric space. Akash has a certain intelligence. The nature, quality, and power of your life is essentially determined by how much access you have to the akashic intelligence. There is only a limited amount of water, air, earth, and fire, but the akashic dimension is limitless. If your access to it expands, both your perception and intelligence will grow.
One simple process you can do to find more access to the akashic intelligence is, after sunrise, before the sun crosses a 30° angle, look up at the sky and bow down to akash for holding you and this planet in place. After the sun crosses 30°, sometime during the day, look up and bow down again. Within 40 minutes after sunset, look up at the sky and once again bow down to the etheric space around us that is holding everything in place.
If you get akash to co-operate with your life energies, life will happen in magical ways. An intelligence that you have never thought possible will become yours.
All the best for the journey called life.

Namaskar Yoga : Yoga for Harmony 

Polarities of the Physical World 

The physical world consists of polarities : Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang, Right brain and Left brain and so on. The longing to find union of polarities is finding expression through ambition, conquest, love, sex and yoga. 

Yoga means union. Simplest form of yoga is to put your hands together in Namaskar. Namaskar brings harmony between two polarities. 

Put your hands together in Namaskar and look upon something or someone with loving attention. In 3 to 5 minutes, you will begin to harmonise. 

Namaskar yourself into peace. Namaskar yourself into love. Namaskar yourself into union. 

May you unfold your being with folded hands  : Sadhguru


The journey doesn't get easier you get stronger

No Secret to Success: The Mentality of Successful People

Have you ever wondered why only top 1% people of the world have more than 50% of the wealth or why only a few individuals make it to the top?

All of their achievements boil down to one thing – The Mentality that they carry with them is what makes the difference. Success is one thing, consistency in success is another. Consistency in success is the child of the mindset that is developed by an individual.

Believe me, success is NO MAGIC. It is simply a mindset but a mindset that is developed only by individuals who have a definiteness of purpose for their lives, have that desire inside them which is backed by faith and imagination when hardly anyone supports them.

See guys, nothing about success is a secret that successful ones hide from the others. Everything is just right in front of you all the time. You have the knowledge available at every time. Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone succeed? Why only a few are able to do it? Where is the problem?


1. Lack of Proper Channelling of Knowledge

Channel your knowledge to be a success
Channel your knowledge

Although most of us have knowledge but what is lacking is the proper channelling of that knowledge into well-planned action. Take a break, give time to yourself and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Foundation stones of any success lie in developing an IDEA that comes from desire and remaining focused on that desire until it becomes an obsession. Then back your desire with faith and imagination laying a definite plan to convert your thoughts of that idea into actions and congratulations you are on your journey to success!

2. Fear of Failure

Fear is a tool for success
Fear is an asset if used positively

Another major cause is the fear of failure. No one can deny the fact that everyone has fear. It is an emotion associated with us. But it depends on how we react to it. If you are constantly dreaded by the fear and you surrender to it, then sorry guys, you need to learn much more. Staying motivated and refusing to give up in the face of fear is the most difficult task to master. Wait a minute; don’t get mistaken between your ignorance to fear and fighting fear. Often it happens that people become blind to fear and then complain why then didn’t succeed. That’s because they didn’t fight to overcome that fear and refused to take any action.


3. Reaction of the Society if You Failed

Path to success is filled with the people who don't want you to succeed
Hardly anyone helps you achieve your dreams

See I tell you, seriously there is no use of thinking what others will think if you do this and don’t do that. You will end up wasting your precious time to live by the demands of someone who doesn’t give a damn about how you conduct yourself in life. The successful people’s mindset doesn’t allow them to be pressed down by voices of others opinion. On your path of success, shit is definitely going to happen and others will definitely criticise you and judge you on their own terms. You only have to decide which actual ones you need to react to. But do remember that shit happens but life goes on. And often that one temporary defeat in the path to success is mistaken for permanent failure. People will eventually forget it and then its history. After you become successful, they will be ashamed of their behaviour and will tell others “proudly” how they met you!



Rule to success: Never give up on your dreams
Never give up no matter what

Go there and you will find out that history reveals that nearly every successful person that existed or exists is because they have refused to give up their dreams to live by rules of the society and that they have succeeded in finding out their passion and then fuelling that passion with the pain that arises in following that passion ignoring of the criticisms of the society.
Find out your passion, Stay motivated and Make a difference!

Stay tuned for more articles!