Pilates Exercises: Equipment Based and Benefits

Pilates Exercises: Equipment Based and Benefits

So, we hope that by now you would have been practising Pilates for a while. Hopefully, in another week or two, you would be seeing the difference in your body fitness and activeness. Earlier we discussed mat based; now today we are going to discuss equipment based ones. As the name suggests these exercises require some sort of equipment.

Some of the common among these are:

Biceps CurlEquipment Based Pilates: Biceps Curl


Leg Lowers: Equipment Based Pilates: Leg Lowers


Salute: Equipment Based Pilates: Salute


Knee Stretch Curve: Equipment Based Pilates: Knee Stretch Curve


Hug a tree:Equipment Based Pilates: Hug A Tree


The Benefits of Pilates:

Develops the core of your body: The core muscles of your body include the muscles closest to the spine. These muscles are maintained by using the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle all together while performing these exercises.

Makes you more flexible and lean: These exercises stretches your body muscles and elongates them. The muscles become more elastic and joint mobility also increases.

Strengthens the muscles: The exercises Increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body).

Prevent Injuries: These focuses on all the muscles and hence, the task is evenly divided without burdening a particular muscle. It conditions your body effectively and thus preventing injuries.

It’s Safe: The gentleness of these exercises has its own aroma. The light weight exercises and easiness make you more comfortable while performing them.

Motivation: Pilates provide a good source of motivation not only for it but also for other activities. You are more easily able to do a task without getting bored.

All Round Benefits: Improves physical coordination of your body, good for the spine, increases concentration, relaxes your muscles and gives you a nice posture, emotional stability and reduction in anxiety and depression.


Hence, these exercises are a must in everyday life. If you haven’t started doing it yet, we would suggest you employ them in your daily life.

Overcome Depression

5 Most Effective Ways to Combat Depression and Anxiety

Way back in our previous article on depression, we looked at some of the signs and symptoms to identify if someone is a victim or not. Today, let us just perish our anxieties and stresses into ashes.




Take a closer look at your mind

Overcome Depression: Look Into Your Mind

The most important thing is that you should realise is that depression is nothing more than a mind game!

Understand, reason and challenge! Try to figure out if you are really in depression. Most of the times just because of an incident of our life, we make our mind believe that we are in stress.

And mind you, our subconscious mind is not consciously intelligent. It takes as it is what you supply to it. So, if you believe that you are in depression, then you ARE in depression. And if you refuse your mind that you are not, then you ARE NOT!

You should challenge your mind. And the moment you dare to challenge your mind, challenge your soul and challenge yourself, and then you already have developed the confidence back again to face any anxiety or fear. You have created the power and refused to settle because of your problems. If you can challenge yourself then you can challenge anyone and any problem!

And honestly speaking, if you have got this now then there is absolutely no need to read anything further.


Be Ambitious, set achievable goals and conquer them:

Overcome Depression: Set Goals

Depression can make you feel that you cannot accomplish anything. This can leave you even sadder. You need to bounce back at your life in order to feel confident. The level of confidence that you develop after achieving a feat would make you happier. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction by achieving your goals cannot be matched by any other source.


Get adequate sleep

Overcome Depression: Get Adequate Sleep

Too much or too less sleep is dangerous to health. It can also lead to depression. Your normal body functioning changes and your muscles may not get enough rest to cope up with the next day activities. Prevention is always better than cure. Try to sleep at least 6 hours and at max 9 hours.


Daily fitness regime

Overcome Depression: Set Fitness Regime

Get off the couch! Say NO to it. You should make it a habit of engaging in some sort of physical exercises everyday. Even if you don’t find time for exercises, then at least do some walking. Something is better than nothing. It boosts the release of endorphins in the body that make you feel good. You will begin to see a level of new confidence once you regularly engage in exercises.


Get Social: Stay engaged with loved your ones

Overcome Depression: Get Social

A common thing in depression is that a person wants to stay away from others and live in solitude. This is exactly which you should not be doing. This would fill your mind with unwanted talks and you will lose your confidence faster! You will begin to lose hope from the world, the humanity.

The best thing is that you should seek to engage with your loved ones. Your loved ones are the ones that care about you. They can understand you more easily and can help you feel better. This would make you feel elated and more confident.

However, getting social doesn’t mean that you should spend time on social media. You should meet in person. No social media can replace the real person-to-person meeting.


Final Word

We hope that you have learnt something about how to combat depression and anxiety. There is nothing further on this except a small request:

Don’t just read these points, implement them as well. You will surely begin to notice changes. And if any other individual is in depression, do suggest them the above points.

Let us all be united to fight depression. United we stand, divided we fall.

Fitness By Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight Exercises: Scaling the Body

Yes! You guessed it right. We are referring to the exercises that are performed without any external source of resistance except our own bodyweight.

The following are some of the advantages of bodyweight exercises:

  1. Nearly no equipment is required.
  2. Exercises for virtually all muscles are available.
  3. Strength, cardio fitness and flexibility all come at one place.
  4. Can be performed anywhere whether you are at a hotel, your home or your office.
  5. Regular implementation guarantees results.

Below are some of the popular and easy exercises listed based on different body parts:

  • Abdomen

  1. Crunches can be performed to strengthen your abdomen muscles. It should be performed about 3 times a week and the sets can be decided based upon your capacity.Bodyweight exercises: Crunches
  2. Sit ups can also be performed. It should also be performed about 3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: sit ups
  • Back

  1. Pull ups are quite useful if you are targeting your back and also want to build up bicep strength. You should keep your body and head straight. There are various variations of pull ups and you may try out.bodyweight exercises: pull ups
  2. Lying back presses should be performed about 2 times a week.bodyweight exercise: lying back presses
  3. Hyperextensions are pretty good for your back and also benefit your hamstrings. The frequency of these should be 1-3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: hyperextensions
  • Biceps

  1. Chin ups and pull ups are the leading exercises that can quench this requirement of strengthening your biceps. These are also helpful for your back and shoulders. These should be performed about 3 times a week.bodyweight exercises: chin ups
  • Triceps

  1. Bench dips are certainly important in this category. These are useful for increasing size of your triceps and also providing strength to it. Various variations may be tried with it. The frequencies of these also remain same as in the case of exercises for biceps. Actually, you should be performing exercises for biceps and triceps one after the other with proper resting intervals.bodyweight exercises: bench dips
  2. Push-ups (hand close) target your triceps and chest simultaneously. These should be performed even more regularly i.e. about 4-5 a week.bodyweight exercises: push ups
  • Chest

  1. Dips, push-ups and declined push ups would be helpful for this job. These help in strengthening your chest and shoulders. Doing these exercises for 2-3 times a week is nice.bodyweight exercises: dips

And the list can go on depending upon the body part and intensity. A common question may be raised that how should I find time to do these exercises. The answer is again simple, as we said before also, too busy is an excuse; what we define are priorities. And doing all the exercises at one go is not a compulsion. You can do a particular muscle a day and then the other on next day and so on. That’s why these are mentioned 2-3 days a week. Besides this, a common mistake is that you should not push yourself too aggressively to perform all the exercises. Proper rest in between is also a must. Your actual strength and body develop while you rest! You must take a day off for proper body rest. It can be any day of your choice. Be it Sunday, Monday or any other day. But fix it and follow the schedule as a ritual and wait for the miracle to happen!


The Habits of Successful People

Revealed: The Habits of Successful People

“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then is not an act, but a habit.”-Aristotle. The first and foremost thing is that if you want to be successful, you should start reading. It is the most common characteristics that they embed in themselves. Reading makes you aware of different kinds of knowledge and you may find a completely different kind of world. The successful people don’t become successful because of their luck but because of their constant effort to achieve their dreams. They don’t give up for the comfort of others.

“Never give up on a dream just because it is going to take time. The time would eventually pass anyway.”

They make sure that they choose what they wanted to do in their life and that they should not settle down below their means and capabilities. They have recognised the fact that living with dreams and also dying with dreams unfulfilled would never make them live satisfactorily. They die with memories not dreams.

Successful Habit: Die with Dreams Not Memories

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”- Chanakya

Another common characteristic of successful people is that they wake up early. The motivation for success is enough for them to part with their bed. Waking up early makes you fresh, active and agile.

The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person lies in what they do in their spare time. Successful people know the value of time. They can’t afford to lose it. They don’t spend their time, they invest it.

Successful Habit: Invest Your Time Wisely

They work even when they don’t feel like doing. If you push yourself to do a job for about 10 minutes, it’s quite likely that you would end up continuing with your job and completing it.

DONATE! Successful people know that what they give returns manifold. It is not only about donating money. You can share your time, your intelligence and your wisdom. Even a small help is appreciable.

People are not born successful they make themselves successful with whatever they know, whatever they have and whatever they are capable. But even knowing what you have and what you are capable of is also something that is not an easy task.

“Inches make champions.”-Vince Lombardi

The unsuccessful person is the one who quit when he was close enough to success and doesn’t realise it.

They know who they are! Just answer a simple question. Who are you?

Successful Habit: Knowing Yourself

Note: I have not asked your name, neither your profession nor your gender or relation with anything. I have just asked you who are you? (Believe me, it’s not that simple to answer!)